Exquisite Pool and Spas, Dallas

Swimming pools/spas are the perfect addition to any home! They provide both enjoyment and the physical exercise you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all within an economical and aesthetic space.

Here we built the swimming pool & spa, poured the foundation for the room and poured the concrete deck you see. The husband swims against the powerful current generated by the 4 HP pump.  The wife does her exercises in the shallow end of the pool, mostly water aerobics.  The pool is heated with a heat pump that is 92% efficient.  It converts the outside ambient air into heat and heats the pool 80 to 82 degrees all the time, so there is only a small electric expense for operating the heat pump.  The pool is heated from the floor and is very economical due to the hot water coming in from the floor and heating the body of water before it reaches the surface. No gas, no electric bills!  Within 2 years the heat pump will pay for itself.  They tell me their grandkids will not get out of the pool.  They love it!  

We can add swimming pools & spas  to an exisiting area, or do the whole thing including the room enclosure. Give us a call and we'll be happy to meet with you to map out the perfect design for you!  

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